Since ancient times the Quechua word for hand "MAKI" has been used to describe work and art made by hand.

Maki-Art Gallery is a concept born of experiences, travels and love for Latin America. Exploring, living and enjoying each country and its vast culture provided us with the idea of showing places we love through their art. 

Every artist we met, did not only show us their art, but the very soul of their work made by hand, conveying tradition, history, passion and love for their country. 

Maki-Art Gallery acknowledges the hard work, dedication and high level of detail that handcrafted art involves. Hence our mission to keep this unique form of art alive and share it with travelers of the world like you, who appreciate culture shaped into fine art by the very hands of the artist.

We invite you to enjoy and celebrate life and tradition in their purest way:

Artwork handcrafted with love.